Our firm is dedicated exclusively to providing mediation services, acting as mediators or to assist in the preparation of mediation.  We serve in court ordered and private mediations, in state and federal courts. When you contact us, you can expect prompt attention, dedication to getting the case resolved, wisdom and experience.  We are your source for dispute resolution services in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties, Florida.

Our dispute resolution practice areas include:

  • All business disputes
  • All contract disputes (including contract formation and breaches of contract)
  • All commercial disputes
  • All real estate disputes (including landlord and tenant disputes)
  • All partnership disputes (including formation and termination)
  • Fraud and fraudulent inducement disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary disputes
  • Family disputes
  • Employment disputes


The first step toward a successful mediation is to schedule it at a good time for all parties involved. Please contact us obtain available dates and times for scheduling a mediation and our rates, by contacting Marc Sinensky at 561-376-1160 or emailing him at marcsinensky@mediation-results.com or contacting the firm's case manager, Ellen at 561-702-5891 or emailing her at ellen@mediation-results.com. Attorneys on both sides must agree to use us for mediation services. Only one attorney needs to contact us to arrange the mediation.